No Deposit Casino Bonus

If you happen to be a fan of online casino games, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the term no deposit casino bonus. Here’s everything you need to know about how that works and what to look out for.

First Deposit Up To 200 USD Deposit
Minimum Deposit 10 USD
4.8 rating
18+ T&Cs apply.
Welcome Package Up To NZD1.500
4.3 rating
18+ T&Cs apply.
Welcome Package Up To 350 NZD & 125 Free Spins
4.8 rating
18+ T&Cs apply.
Welcome Package Up To 400 NZD & 150 Free Spins
4.3 rating
18+ T&Cs apply.
Welcome Package Up To 250 NZD & 50 Free Spins
4.0 rating
18+ T&Cs apply.
Big 4 Welcome Package Up To 1500 NZD & 200 Free Spins
VIP Bonus & Promo Calendar
4.0 rating
18+ T&Cs apply.
Welcome Package Up To 1500 NZD & 130 Free Spins
4.0 rating
18+ T&Cs apply.

By default, the words “no deposit” and “bonus” in the same sentence typically signal cause for extreme caution at the very least. 

Furthermore, when you add the word “casino” or “online gambling” into the mix, you probably see it as a red flag telling you to run for your life (or wallet, in this case). 

However, as fraudulent as it may seem at first glance, you should know that there are plenty of reputable casinos out there that genuinely provide users with bonuses without requiring them to put down deposits.  

What Type Of Casino Bonuses Are There?

Here’s the thing: there is a way to win real money in online casinos for free. In other words, it’s not a scam – you don’t have to put down a deposit, but you can still earn winnings.

Among the various ways you can make this happen, two, in particular, stand out: free scratch cards and free slots bonuses.

Free Scratch Cards

There’s not that much to say about scratch cards, as their name is relatively self-explanatory. The beauty of scratch cards is that you can secure instant wins by scratching off the hidden fields containing either prizes or matching symbols.

The thing about scratch cards, however, is that there’s a particular perk to using them. In other words, it’s all the more satisfying when you use a scratch card that, in addition to the regular prize, also comes with a bonus. In that regard, you can expect to see two basic types of scratch card bonuses: free chips and free games.

Free chips are pretty straightforward; they’re chips you can use for scratch card games. The same goes for free games, allowing users to play several games on the scratch card without putting down a deposit beforehand.

No Deposit Scratch Card Bonus Rules

Herein lies the catch, as you can claim free bonuses for casino games only under certain conditions. While these conditions exist in the form of specific rules, they’re typically not too rigorous. They mainly exist to protect the casino against unscrupulous players aiming to take advantage of the online casino. These rules include:

  • Bonus Cashout Limit – usually, there’s a max cashout limit associated with bonus offers. For instance, there are numerous examples of limitations in various casinos that prevent users from withdrawing more than $100 or even $50;
  • Wagering Requirements – most online casinos require players to roll over the bonus several dozen times before having the option to cash out. The term “wagering requirement” pertains to this number, meaning that having no wagering requirements or very low playthroughs make for the best offers;
  • Early Cashout Penalty – from time to time, you’ll encounter offers that impose this type of penalty, where attempting to cashout too early causes players to lose all or part of their winnings;
  • Game Limitations – in some cases, you may come across bonuses that only apply to certain games or a certain number of games within an online casino;
  • Bonus Cashability – don’t be surprised if you come across a situation where you’re allowed to cash out your winnings after you finish a game, but not the bonus itself.

Free Slots Bonuses

When it comes to no deposit slots bonuses, the first thing you should keep in mind is that their primary purpose is to welcome/encourage new players and recent sign-ups. At the same time, you’re able to claim such a bonus as a new player without having to put down a deposit (hence the “no deposit” part of its name). 

Another way to look at these bonuses is to understand that you can gain actual winnings playing free slots without investing your money. So, in addition to being able to try out various slot games and get acquainted with the casino, you also keep the winnings from the casino’s free bonus offer once you meet all of the wagering requirements. 

It’s also good to know that free slots bonuses come in either free spins or free/fixed cash.

Free Spins

The first step when it comes to claiming a free spins bonus has to do with setting up an account and registering. After you register, you’ll have free reigns to claim the prize. However, keep in mind that it’s prevalent among online casinos to only allow free spins on specific slots. 

Like scratch card bonus rules, you should also expect the specific casino’s wagering requirements to play a role in claiming your free spins. Here are a couple of examples of how these wagering requirements usually appear:

Free Spins New Zealand
  • “Players must wager all winnings from spins at least 50 times before requesting a cashout”
  • “Only specific slot games allow players to use the no deposit 20 free spins bonus.”

Fixed Cash

Free or fixed cash is yet another form of the no deposit slots bonus. Traditionally, with this bonus, you’re looking to claim $10- $60, depending on the specific casino and game in question. You can also usually apply the fixed cash bonus to all types of slots that count towards the wagering requirements 100%.

Let’s take a closer look at those mentioned above: let’s say you have a no deposit slots bonus of $15. When looking to request a cashout, an example of the wagering requirements may look like the following: 

  • “The wagering requirements do not encompass games such as progressives;”
  • “50 times is the minimum number of times players must wager the bonus on slot games.”

Live Dealer Chips

Take a look at the online casino industry over the past decade. You’ll notice that the introduction of “live dealer” online casinos has been the single most significant innovation. 

Players nowadays desire a more traditional casino experience. In the past, users allowed the computer to spin the roulette wheel or deal hands of blackjack. In response to this change in customer appetites, online casinos worldwide have introduced “live dealer” technology.

Live dealer casinos operate just as traditional brick-and-mortar casinos in that a live human dealer appears on your screen, and you’re able to communicate with them in real-time. A camera placed right across the dealer transmits and translates their movements in combination with a sophisticated computer program to keep track of the game. 

Depending on the specific casino in question, you may become eligible for a live casino bonus in the form of live dealer chips that you can use on live casino tables. Again, much like an actual, physical casino, you’re able to not only use a chat interface to communicate with dealers but also choose to tip them (with chips). 

As a result of increased practicality and convenience, the live dealer online casino experience is becoming more highly recommended. It does an excellent job of recreating the traditional casino experience. 

Timed Promotions

It’s in a casino’s best interest to ensure that the gaming experience is pristine and seamless for every player regardless of physical location or platform. Simultaneously, making sure the players’ interest and engagement is always high is an equally important goal.

Among the many tools at the disposal of a casino, such as bonuses, free perks, and other similar conveniences, timed promotions hold a particularly significant position. In other words, you stand to reap substantial benefits if you’re continuously engaged and in tune with the periodic promotions casinos usually offer. 

Here are some examples of pretty impressive timed promotions you can benefit from time to time:

  • Engaging in specific games like live roulette at a particular time of day, week or month to multiply your winnings;
  • Participating in similarly specific games or casino events held periodically to win fixed bonuses;
  • Become one of the lucky few to log into your favorite casino website every 1st of the month and win a free bonus;
  • Completing daily or weekly missions and win points can redeem for bonuses or cash (though wagering requirements typically apply).

Free Spins No Deposit Casino

As aforementioned, a typical online casino offers various bonuses and promotions to encourage player visits and engagement, and free spins are one such type of reward. 

Free spins are a way of the casino allowing you to play one or more of its games without putting down a deposit first. In other words, when playing with free spins, you won’t need to pay any of your own money.

You should know that the casino will usually set the bet value of such spins and that the bet amount will be the critical factor in deciding any subsequent multiplier wins. 

Another vital thing to keep in mind when it comes to free spins is that this feature is typically only applicable to a particular game. For example, receive free spins as a courtesy and part of celebrating a new game’s release. The spins will typically be only applicable to the original game. 

Without a doubt, the single best thing about free spins in any casino is that this feature typically provides you with the opportunity to win real money. While entirely legitimate, it’s still a good idea to keep the imminent wagering requirements in mind for such an offer (they’re bound to apply) and the general terms & conditions.

No Deposit Mobile Casino

Technological progress warrants all industries to adapt, and the online gaming industry is no exception. A great example of this is that more and more online casinos focus on smartphone users and design their games to work on mobile platforms. 

This transition makes perfect sense if you think about it: in comparison to enjoying casino games on your desktop or laptop computer, doing so on your smartphone or tablet brings convenience, practicality, relaxation, and mobility. 

Think back to how many times you’ve spent time gaming on your phone or tablet at home when your laptop or desktop computer was 3 feet away. Similarly, you can play online casino games not only where you feel like, but also when

Be it while you’re commuting to work, on your way to class, or in a bus headed to the outdoors, all you need is sufficient battery and a relatively stable internet connection.

The online gaming industry is well aware of this trend, which is why it has moved to consider mobile gaming a priority. With more and more online casinos focusing on mobile platforms and creating apps for smartphones, an increase in gaming quality and security comes as a prominent and expected result. 

Wagering Requirements 

Wagering requirements are quite possibly one of the most obscure and confusing parts of the online gaming industry for most newcomers. To better understand this often confusing term, let’s start from the very top.

Simply put, a wager represents the money that a player spends on a table game, poker game, bingo game, casino game, or online slot. When discussing free bonuses in terms of online casinos, nine times out of 10, these bonuses come with (or, more precisely, under the condition of) wagering requirements. 

In simple terms, before making a cash withdrawal, a player must meet the wagering requirement. In this regard, the wagering requirement represents the number of times a user must play the bonus money before requesting the said withdrawal. 

Any time you hear or see any casino mentioning a bonus, assume that it has several conditions that you, as a player, must meet to get that bonus. Examples of such conditions usually include a minimum withdrawal limit (the part that’s easy to understand) or a wagering requirement (what most newbies tend to struggle with). 

Therefore, here’s how the process works in layman’s terms: let’s say you receive a free bonus upon signing up to an online casino (which is commonplace in the industry). Before being allowed to make a withdrawal, you’ll most likely need to fulfill a wagering requirement. 

As a result, your bonus money will never be converted into real cash for withdrawal unless you don’t meet these wagering requirements. 

Payment Methods & Withdrawal

Although many don’t think about it, winning money at an online casino is only half of the success. Immediately after your adrenaline comes back down to normal, you’ll face a critical decision: how to get your winnings in your pocket. 

When attempting to tackle this challenge, the most important consideration is to be aware that your withdrawal method will depend on two factors. The first is what payment/withdrawal options the casino you’ve won offers, and the second is which deposit (if you’ve made a deposit) method you initially chose.

Here are some of the most common payment and withdrawal options at your disposal when it comes to online casinos nowadays:

  • Visa;
  • Mastercard;
  • American Express;
  • Maestro;
  • Paypal;
  • Neteller;
  • Skrill (Moneybookers);
  • Ecopayz/Ecocard;
  • Zimpler;
  • Euteller;
  • Trustly;
  • Paysafecard;
  • Siru Mobile;
  • Bank wire;
  • Echeck;
  • Western Union;
  • Moneygram;
  • Bitcoin;
  • Ethereum.


Today, Visa stands as the most successful and largest payment network globally and is the first credit card that suited all types of purchases made online. Visa happens to be particularly suited for online casino payments and withdrawals since nearly every casino in the industry accepts it.

As a result, the chances of your Visa card getting declined are minimal. Provided you don’t mind using credit cards for your online transactions, the Visa card will readily lend its reliability to your payments and withdrawals related to online casinos. 


When it comes to the credit card industry, Mastercard is to Visa what Gibson is to Fender (if you’re into guitars), or even what Ferrari is to Lamborghini (for all you gearheads out there). 

In terms of online casinos worldwide, Mastercard is equally reliable and just as readily accepted as its fiercest competitor. In terms of online casino gaming, it’s merely a matter of preference between Mastercard or Visa, as both are safe to use in pretty much all online casinos today.

American Express

Equal to the two payment service providers mentioned above, American Express represents a first-rate credit card for clients from North America in terms of reputation. As a result, when a website accepts American Express, you know it’s legitimate. 

However, you should keep in mind that only a limited number of online casinos accept American Express as an accepted payment and withdrawal option. The reason for its limited use is likely in the fact that the United States enforces stringent legislation about online gambling. 


Tracing its origins back to 1992, Maestro stands as a reputable world-wide debit card service. As you could probably hint from its name, Mastercard owns and runs Maestro. Online casinos are very fond of Maestro’s popularity as a debit card, so online casinos gladly accept it.


When it comes to e-wallets, it’s challenging to find a more famous household name than PayPal. Globally renowned and trusted by Europeans, North Americans, and other clients worldwide, this payment service has steadily maintained and increased its client base over the years.

Owned by eBay as of 2002, PayPal today works as a payment and withdrawal method in a wide range of online casinos around the world. However, while PayPal is undoubtedly popular in the gaming industry as a payment method, keep in mind that Skrill and Neteller seem to be somewhat favored over PayPal by an increasing number of casinos.


Neteller is among the most successful start-up payment providers in the world today. During 2005, it even handled more than 80% of gambling cash transactions, which caused a clash with the U.S. Department of Justice. 

Neteller is a reliable and longstanding name in the e-gaming world due to a history of handling fees associated with poker rooms, sportsbooks, and online casinos. Upon moving to the British Isles and diversifying following the conflict mentioned above with the USDOJ, it has managed to maintain its presence and the preferred online payment method available in online casinos around the world.

Skrill (Moneybookers)

The number one rival of Neteller, Skrill, was founded in 2001 under the name Moneybookers. When talking about the online payment service industry, Skrill is one of the most secure electronic payment services available today. 

The Skrill e-wallet is one of the most convenient and popular payment methods available for gamers today. You’re more likely to encounter it as a payment option with far more online casinos today than you are Neteller or PayPal. 

Fun Fact: Skrill was so successful that it even managed to buy out a number of its European competitors!


As far as online payment methods go, EcoPayz has been around since 1999 and is famous for the multitude of financial services. Aside from acting as a standard e-wallet, it also comes with an exceptionally convenient additional feature. EcoPayz allows its users to withdraw funds directly to a prepaid debit card called the ecoCard.

Not only can you use the ecoCard for online payments, but you can also use it to transfer funds to friends and family. However, the best part about this payment service is that it allows transfers in 45 currencies and comes with customer support in 7 different languages.


Among the younger payment options at your disposal is Zimpler, hailing from Sweden. As a result of the fact that it dates back to 2016, the creators of Zimpler have placed a particular focus on enabling its users to make deposits and withdrawals from their chosen online casinos via mobile platforms.


Suppose you happen to be an online gambling fan searching for an anonymous, secure, and lightning-fast way of getting funds into an online casino account. In that case, Euteller is definitely worth your attention.

Euteller doesn’t require credit or debit card info and transactions take place in real-time once you set up your account and mobile app. Interestingly, Euteller has been the favorite payment service provider for New Zealanders for more than a decade, and with good reason.


When it comes to payment methods, some online casinos use Trustly as their service provider of choice. You can start playing immediately by picking one of the Trustly online casinos, provided you have a bank account at one of the partner banks.

The process is incredibly simple: you can make payments directly to the online casino from your bank accounts, thanks to filling out your account details in the pop-up screen with absolutely no redirects. 


An absolute favorite of online casinos when it comes to accepting deposits from players, Paysafecard is an industry leader in online prepaid payment methods. In other words, in the online casino world, Paysafecard stands as probably one of the most widely supported prepaid cards. In addition to being a staple in the online gambling industry, you can also make purchases online.

Siru Mobile

Tracing its origins back to 2011, Siru Mobile is a wallet and mobile gateway specializing in online payments. Although its main headquarters are in Helsinki, Siru Mobile is originally a New Zealand company. However, Siru also boasts local offices in no less than six countries. 

Siru Mobile is widely renowned as a payment method for the online gambling community. The service itself is a simple concept combining a cloud-based digital wallet and phone billing. 


Lauded as the very first decentralized currency in the world, Bitcoin has been around since 2011. Through its peer to peer marketplace, Bitcoin gives its users complete control over its value. 

One of the best things about Bitcoin as a payment method is that it provides users with the ability to purchase services and goods online almost anonymously. To make matters even more practical, Bitcoin is also available as a payment method in numerous online casinos. 


Also available as an online casino payment option, Ethereum is another cryptocurrency on the list. Ethereum’s value has seen a steady increase despite being the late arrival to the casino cryptocurrency stage. The main advantages of Ethereum include the ability to make anonymous payments and fast international transactions.

New No Deposit Casinos

Online casinos are a dime a dozen nowadays. As a result, it can be tricky to find trustworthy online gambling providers that you can use to play without worrying about being scammed or cheated.

While ample research is always a good idea to find reputable casinos that you can trust, new online casinos continuously pop up around the web. The problem with such newcomers often tends to be their reliability, as you can’t be sure whether they’re legitimate and regulated.

However, the great thing about new no deposit casinos is that they offer numerous promotions and bonuses to build up their fledgling reputations. Additionally, because they can’t afford to make mistakes and put their reputations in jeopardy, they have to make good on their promises. 

Here are some examples of new casinos and their offers:

  • Energy Casino, with its latest game Book of Gates that comes with a 50 spins no deposit bonus;
  • BGO Casino teamed with No Deposit Casino, which offers the chance to win up to 500 free spins;
  • Leo Vegas Mobile Casino, which offers ten free spins no deposit on its game Book of Dead after signing up;
  • Rizk Casino, which welcomes new players with a free Wheel of Rizk spin;
  • NetBet Casino, offering 20 free spins no deposit upon signing up;
  • Casino2020 comes with up to $20 no deposit bonus and 20 free spins no deposit.

Closing Thoughts

There’s an old saying in economics: “There’s no free lunch.” While this is mostly true, there’s one industry in which this ancient wisdom doesn’t always apply. When it comes to online gambling, by default, one needs to invest money to win it. 

However, the very existence of virtually countless no deposit online casinos today negates this notion. The chances of winning substantial money right off the bat and fulfilling the wagering requirements on your first go are somewhat slim, but not non-existent.

In all fairness, no deposit online gambling is a reality, just like no deposit bonuses. It is up to you to do your due diligence before choosing a casino to play in because thorough research and exercising restraint are the two most important qualities to have in all things gambling-related.

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